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FUSIONGUARD® Presentation

FUSIONGUARD® is focused in the manufacturing of a complete product line of Horizontal and vertical splice closures that offers unique products for FTTH applications as well as for fiber repair.

Our Fiber optic closures are resistant to dust, UV and have great mechanical properties, we offer  a variety of completely sealed closures (IP68). A FUSIONGUARD® splice closure is adaptable to any optical cable and the installation method can be buried, in manholes, handholes, aerial & wall/pole. 

FUSIONGUARD® offers the only 1 to 12 fiber splice closure in the market that has IP68 rating that offers different coupling methods (fusion splicing, LC-SC-MTP adaptors  in the same closure ideal for fiber repair or quick fiber installation, this product is suited for most common cables round, flat drop, among others.

Which saves time and money in the field.

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Dome fiber optic splice closure

Dome Closure

Device that adopts the sealing system "O-ring" (anillomechanical) that ensures the perfect seal. Ideal for installations in towers, poles, aerial form hanging from a messenger cable, in wells or ducts whose spaces are narrow or directly buried. Possibility of using it as a primary, secondary, splicing node or end points of the network.

Horizontal fiber optic closure

Horizontal Closure

It has an innovative design, lightweight and really small size for easy handling. It has the ideal protection for fibers and splices when interconnections, derivations or intermediate access are made.

FTTX fiber optic closure

FTTX Closure

Lightweight, compact, easy-to-install horizontal splice closure Ideal for use with connection cables used in FTTH networks. The perfect solution for cutting problems in connection lines (service delivery).