AERIAL GRIP Presentation®

AERIALGRIP® products offer a complete solution for pole hardware, for FTTX and outside plant applications, making the installation and identification effortless, saving time and money. This product line is manufactured in a combination of our metal stamping and injection molding factory.

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Our Products

Pole hardware fiber optic storage units FONCS

Fiber Optic Storage Units

This family of products are a cost effective solution that minimize labor and installation time used to conveniently store extra length of cable for later use allowing emergency repairs, growth, splicing and maintenance, protecting the fiber optic cable minimum bend radius in aerial installations, minimizing the ice and leaf loading. Our storage units are sold as pairs and include all basic hardware components for ADSS and FIGURE 8 lashed applications.
Pole hardware ADSS Dead-end FONCS

ADSS Dead-end

The AERIALGRIP® Dead-Ends are designed to terminate in a fastest and easiest way the fiber optic networks installations, effectively transferring the axial load on the cable at the end of the dead-end legs; offered in a broad range of fiber optic OD, in single and double layer and in different lengths according to the NESC conditions and SPAN distances.

Pole hardware support for ADSS fiber optic cables FONCS

Support for ADSS cables

AERIALGRIP® offers multiple hardware options depending on cable OD, span distance, NESC conditions and line angles to gently but firmly suspend and distribute efforts on ADSS cable thru different cushion inserts to avoid slipping, cable damage and fiber attenuation. Designed for installation through strapping or screwing. Cushions are made from a soft, dielectric material that gently grips the ADSS cable. Our different suspensions options are made from Aluminum or hot dipped galvanized steel with the advantage that all components may be reused as desired.
Pole hardware fiber drop clamps FONCS

Fiber Drop Clamps

Made of stainless steel and plastic, used to support both ends in an aerial service drop installations, allowing one to six drops to hold and tense, depending on the cable size and material chosen, offering the ability to use different cable diameters that can be round, square or flat, avoiding the mechanical strength that usually exceeds the yield strength of drop cables.
Pole hardware span clamp FONCS

Span Clamp

AERIALGRIP® offers multiple versions of high quality steel galvanized span clamps that help relieve tension along the span, support and tight cables, hang terminals and splice cases from strand to quickly install fiber optic service and drop cables.
Pole hardware strap and buckle FONCS

Strap and buckle

AERIALGRIP ® stainless steel Straps and Buckles are very versatile and easy to use and give a clean appearance while protecting against corrosion that is why it has become the standard choice for a lot of our customers to fix pole hardware to any round surfaces. AerialGrip ® offers multiple strap sizes that can be conveniently packaged in plastic totes for easy installation as well as installation tools.
Aerialgrip Warning tapes FONCS

Utility Markers & Warning tapes

These products help the telecommunications and utility companies identify quickly ownership of fiber optic cables, inner ducts and to prevent costly digging accidents, some of the products and applications offered are free wrap around cable marking, hang around cable markers, underground detectable and non detectable warning tape, identification letters and numbers, cable tags and ground markers.