About Us

We are a design, manufacturing and sales organization that provides turnkey fiber optic solutions to broadband companies in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean through a team committed with our customer satisfaction.

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Clean room


To become a recognized supplier of Fiber Access Network products in the broadband industry with the best lead times and ratio between price-quality.



Our History



The brand MEXOFOSERV®  was born to provide high quality fiber optic cable assemblies with quick turnaround time.

 As well as a full metal cabinet line.

state of the art clean room


We moved our cable termination factory and build a state of the art clean room to increase our production capacity with 4 new fully automated production lines.

fiber optic cable drum


The WAVEOPTICS® brand was born with 1 extrusion line to manufacture fiber optic cables, and since then has grown to become one of the top 10 fiber optic cable manufacturers in North America.

pole hardware aerialgrip foncs


The AERIALGRIP® brand was born to provide high quality pole hardware, that fully match our fiber optic cable offering.

Splice closures fusionguard foncs


The brand FUSIONGUARD® was born which gave us the injection molding capabilities needed to manufacture splice closures among other plastic injected products.

machinery fiber optic cable foncs


WAVEOPTICS® moved to a new 75,000 square feet ISO 9001 - 2015 facility and increased its total production capacity to 2.4 million fiber kilometers per year.

fiber optic cable assemblies foncs


The MEXOFOSERV® cable assembly plant increased its production capacity and build a second clean room to be able to produce large trunk cables for 5G applications.

Machinery quality lab FONCS


We established Nebka Lab®, a complete test lab for materials  and all of our fiber optic products to perform mechanical and optical testing which allows us to test according  to all US and international standards.

Wharehouse Laredo TX FONCS


FONCS® established a new warehouse in Laredo TX to be able to grow in in the US, Canada and the caribbean  market, reducing our lead time and decreasing our logistic cost  to better offer our vertical integrated fiber optic solutions to all of our customers.

Fiber optics assembly plants jumpers foncs

​Fiber Optic Assembly Plants

We currently have 3 state of the art productions areas which cover an area of over 7000 sq. feet, and have an average output of 150K fiber ends per month for single fiber and 5K MPO terminations per month. Our fist area produces optical cable assemblies, attenuators, splitters & transceivers in a clean room Class 10000 ISO 7. Our second area is designed to produce large trunk cables, FTTA assemblies and long drop FTTX cables that are packaged on reels. Our third area is where we manufacture our specialty products or highly customized products that include pad printing, low pressure molding capabilities among others.

Machinery metal stamping plant foncs

Metal Stamping Plant​

This plant manufactures different machined & metal stamped components used to complement our product offering through our different brands. 

All of our metal indoor/outdoor cabinets, distributors, cassettes, LGX face plates are not only manufactured in this plant but also painted to meet customer specifications.

Here we produce most of our metal pole hardware, our plastic injection molds and a large portion of our tooling required in our cable factory to make sure we can provide an economical and quick turn around to our customers.

fiber optic cable plant 18 production lines foncs

Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturing Plant​

This plant is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of fiber optic cables. Thanks to their 18 production lines, this factory can produce most OSP loose tube cables as well as a large selection of indoor, indoor-outdoor cables in their different  cable configurations.

Currently the total production area is  75,000 square feet. 

And the installed capacity is over 2.4 million kilometers of fiber per year.

plastic injection plant foncs

​Plastic Injection Plant

Since 2014, our plant manufacturs various products through our 4 injection molding machines   that are incorporated into the different brands, such as splice closures, splice trays, fiber storage units, terminal boxes, plastic reels, plastic accessories used in our metal cabinets, cable markers  and pole hardware.