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WAVEOPTICS® is one of the top 10 fiber optic cable manufacturers in North America. We design and manufacture our cables to exceed all of the US and international requirements. We pride ourselves to have the best lead time and pricing and the capacity and flexibility to produce any order size meeting specific customer requirements. We are one of the only cable manufacturers to have a complete quality lab to be able to test all the materials as well as each of our new cable designs. 

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flat drop fiber optic cables
Loose tube fiber optic cables
Loose Tube Cables
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Loose Tube Armored Cables
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ADSS Cables
flat drop fiber optic cables
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flat drop fiber optic cables
Loose Tube Figure 8 Cables

Outdoor Fiber optic cables are designed to withstand the demanding outdoor conditions. Because of this, outdoor cables have a rugged construction that enables them to resist ultra-violet light, temperature changes and harsh environmental conditions.
Some other features may include rodent resistance, impact resistance, crush resistance, among others, depending on the cable configuration.
Some of the most common applications of outdoor cables are aerial, self-supporting, duct and direct-buried installations.

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Outdoor Cable Part Number Configuration

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